Students game for life planning

Students game for life planning

About 400 secondary school students learned about financial planning through a new life-planning game.

The group Education 2.1, along with Education University and the Cho Kwai Chee Foundation, launched the program yesterday in three schools, including Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Secondary School in Tuen Mun.

Imitating real-life experiences, each student had to visit different booths to use their money to invest in the share market, buy property, and attain academic certificates or professional knowledge.

A player’s happiness, health and wealth changed depending on decisions made. For example, you could earn money from working, but your health and happiness index would drop at the same time.

Wong Tin-lok, a Secondary One student who joined the game at Yan Oi school hall, said he learned that he should plan well before making an investment. Wong said he also found out that he needed to have a business mind to invest and cannot be impulsive to buy property as he lost a lot of money.

Wong hopes the school will have more such experimental learning activities as it is “interesting to learn while playing games.”

Another student, Chan Ying-man, said she realized that it is difficult to balance money, happiness and health. “You will need to learn for a long time in order to manage the three elements,” she said.

Chan said there is relatively less coverage of financial planning in the curriculum.

Education 2.1 convener Antony Leung Kam-chung told the students after the activity: “I am happy to see that through this game, you will know how to allocate your wealth.

“But I hope you to know that money is not everything. More importantly, everyone should make a balance among money, health and happiness to pursue your fruitful life.”

The group also hoped the students will learn that there are uncontrollable elements in their lives, such as their own background, a sudden financial crisis and the outbreak of diseases. The group is also cooperating with different organizations to give more than 1,400 students different learning experiences this summer. Activities include a virtual reality technology workshop, courses on Hong Kong’s history and culture, and learning trips to the mainland.

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